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Resolve settlement issues and get the medical claim settled with Ametros.

• Leverage Ametros’ assistance to address medical concerns, while remaining in full control of your claim. As an industry leader in the professional and self-administration marketplace, let Ametros assist you in guiding claims towards a resolution. Our team can coordinate with all parties involved, including employers, attorneys, brokers, and medical providers.

• Our dedicated team can help ease the injured party's settlement concerns and frustrations with the workers' compensation system, and our products provide the injured party with peace of mind when settling future medical. Utilizing Ametros as part of your settlement process will address and eliminate roadblocks to resolving the claim. Let the Ametros team become the advocate for the injured party, assuring them of the services and support they will receive post-settlement.

• Tackle the most common hurdle in the settlement process: prescription medication pricing. Ametros’ pharmacy network will provide the injured party with insight into projected medication costs and potential savings. Visibility into true pricing and the ability to further extend settlement funds will alleviate concerns raised during negotiations.

• Injured parties can continue to treat with their existing providers under any platform offered by Ametros. If a member has difficulty locating a physician, our dedicated team works directly with the member to find providers specializing in the requested area of expertise.

• Ametros will work with you to determine pricing on an individual case basis.

• To refer a case today email or call us at 1-877-275-7415.

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