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Protect your client and save their medical funds.

• By leveraging Ametros’ healthcare savings platforms, you can ensure that your client is protected and has the tools necessary to manage their treatment and funds post-settlement. You fought hard to resolve this case, now help your client get the most out of their settlement.  And, if your client has an MSA, we will assist in making sure they are 100% compliant with Medicare's guidelines.

• Our Care Advocates protect your clients’ interests by assisting in the coordination of care. Ametros can be as involved or removed from the process as needed, depending on each individual’s needs. Our multiple product offerings provide a variety of options that will fit the needs of your client.

• Ametros will not deny treatment related to an injury. Our products provide bill review services to ensure all payments issued for treatment are adjusted according to usual and customary rates, or in accordance with the appropriate fee schedule.

• Ametros offers different support options to aid in reporting annually to Medicare. Ametros offers everything from 100% automated reporting and submission to pre-populated reports, templates, and guides for those who wish to complete their own reporting.

• Does your client have concerns associated with settling future medical? Address these concerns by asking our team for our network pricing so you and your client can evaluate the offer objectively.  Our national provider, pharmacy, and DME networks, are servicing thousands of injured parties who have settled their case and ensure discounted pricing for all medical needs.

• To refer a case today email or call us at 1-877-275-7415.

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