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We help you manage your medical care after settlement and live a happier, healthier life!

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Injured Party

Find out how professional administration can help you live a happier, healthier and more productive life with savings and support on your future medical care.

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Learn how Ametros works with the plaintiff side to provide injured parties with savings, guidance, and support after they settle their case.

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Ametros can work with the defense side to provide resources to help injured parties feel more comfortable with settling their workers' compensation or liability case.

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Medicare Set Aside Accounts →

Ametros helps extend the life of MSA funds and ensures the injured party remains compliant with the Medicare Secondary Payer Act. Our services include capturing all bills, processing payments, and reporting regularly for our members, ensuring 100% compliance with the Medicare guidelines.

Medical Cost Projection Accounts →

Our products provide discounts on medical expenses and billing support for any allocation of future healthcare expenses. These accounts help individuals save money on prescriptions or those that need comprehensive support for intensive medical care. Either way, they can feel more confident with a team of healthcare experts on their side.

Workers' Compensation →

Ametros brings unique expertise to settlements in the worker compensation industry. Our main focus is the injured worker. After settlement, injured workers become members of our services and we work with them for the rest of their lives. We become their resource and point-of-contact after settlement.

The Ametros Advantage

Ametros was founded with the vision of making healthcare easy for injured individuals and anyone that is paying for their medical needs out-of-pocket. Our mission is to help those individuals save money on their ongoing medical expenses, and to help them save time from dealing with the hassle of the complex healthcare system. Ametros' products provide discounts and support, simplifying the process with all the key players in healthcare, including patients, insurers, employers, attorneys, medical providers and Medicare.

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Our Products


CareGuard was created with one goal in mind: making the post-settlement process seamless. We do this through our combination of member support and professional administration services. CareGuard is the first fully automated solution for professional administration which gives the member 24/7 insight into their spending and savings trends. Our team is experienced working with settlements that are both structured into annuities or paid out in a lump sum. We also manage funds for both Medicare Set Asides and other medical allocations.

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With Amethyst you have the ability to link your settlement funds directly to a personal bank account. Amethyst is designed to allow you to remain in complete control of your funds, while ensuring a seamless process for both the member and facility providing services. The Amethyst platform functions by managing transactions, funds, and ensuring funds are available to support charges in question.

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CareQuote provides quick quotes for prescriptions, home healthcare, skilled facility, and durable medical equipment services. We ensure that injured parties have insight into the actual pricing of these services during settlement. We do this through our discount medical networks. CareQuote can be used in all personal injury cases, including workers’ compensation and liability cases, in order to bridge the gap to settlement for both the defense and plaintiff.

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