Special Needs Trusts

Protect your client from overpaying for their healthcare expenses while protecting their benefits.

• Ametros understands that every Special Needs Trust is different, and we will help create an individualized plan for each trust.

• Medical funds are put into an account professionally administered by CareGuard, and expenses are paid through the use of the CareGuard card at providers' offices or pharmacies.

• Ametros has relationships with multiple Special Needs Trust administrators. Leverage our existing relationships to ensure any injured party receiving government assistance and does not have their benefits put in jeopardy.

• Offering Ametros’ services in addition to a Special Needs Trust on qualifying cases, provides the injured party with an additional resource to aid in the decision process when determining whether or not a service and/or procedure could impact Medicaid or other government funded assistance programs.

• Leverage the expertise of Ametros and our partners to address any questions surrounding trusts and the guidelines associated. To refer a case today email [email protected] or call us at 1-877-275-7415.

Our Resources




1. CareGuard & Special Needs Trusts Use this guide to understand how CareGuard works with Special Needs Trusts

2. CareGuard Brochure This brochure can help your client understand CareGuard and professional administration

3. Save Your Medical Funds After Settlement with CareGuard This guide can help explain the benefits of CareGuard to you client

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