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How Ametros works with Workers' Compensation Cases

We are the industry leader in post-settlement administration

Ametros brings a unique perspective to settlements in the workers' compensation industry.  Our main focus is the injured worker.  At the end of the day the injured worker becomes a member of our services and we work with them for the rest of their life. We become their resource and the point of contact after settlement.  Ametros' Settlement Advisors can walk attorneys, adjusters, structured settlement brokers, and injured workers through the settlement process to make sure everyone is on the same page. We also help our clients by providing significant savings on all their medical services.

Ametros' main focus is assisting individuals in the pre- and post- settlement process by:

• Addressing the injured worker’s fears of settling their ongoing medical case and managing their own medical care as well as reporting their Medicare Set Aside.

• Providing around the clock support, help with compliance and making sure the injured worker saves money on their healthcare expenses.

• Utilizing Ametros’ CareQuote service, which provides real pricing on future medications and medical equipment.

• Having our team of settlement advisors assist in the settlement process and help bridge the gap between the two parties.

• Coordinating all parties, including injured parties, employers, attorneys, annuity brokers, medical providers and Medicare.

• We provide significant discounts & savings through our large network of providers and pharmacies. On average, we save our members 28 percent on their annual healthcare expenses!

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"It is highly recommended that settlement recipients consider the use of a professional administrator for their funds. "

- Medicare's WCMSA Reference Guide Version 2.7

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